My eagerness to learn, to try new things and my desire to experience different things is what makes me Chitrita. Life is a canvas to be filled with color, yet focusing on one medium isn’t enough. I want to be able to make my canvas different; why stick to color pencils and paints when you can throw an egg on it? Sure it might not work out, but that’s what experience means to me.
There’s too much to learn in this world and there’s a lot of room to grow, and growth only happens through mistakes and criticism. When mistakes are made, it means that risks were taken, ideas were created and lessons were learned. Consistently being successful and not challenging your ideas and your mind to think out of the box will leave you exactly where you are. I strive to learn new things, to absorb as much information that I can, and spread just as much. I challenge myself, and to give more to the world than I take. I believe that knowledge is the only gift that one can share without losing anything in turn, and I intend to share it as much as possible.

Thank you!
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