Ever argued with your friends about where to go? 
Or gotten frustrated when your significant other cannot decide where to eat? 
Well, Squeet has a solution to your problem! 
Filter between finding booze, food and fun, 
or maybe a combination of the three! 
Or simply prioritize finding great deals for you and your Squad.
After applying you filters, begin going through the deck! 
Swipe right if its a yes! 
Or....Swipe left if it's a no! 
When you and a friend swipe right on the same place, you get a match! 
In bigger groups, rank places by the ones most swiped right on!
Additionally, we have plans to add new features every week, including chat,  split-a-bill, ordering delivery, and finding a common time for friends to hang out! 

Squeet is still a startup, which means its always being updated, and developed. 
If you'd like more information about our clients, target market, investors or my experience 
working as the lead designer, please don't hesitate to contact me at 
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